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Visa support

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Starting from October 1, 2019, nationals of 53 foreign States may be granted an e-visa to enter the Russian Federation through air, naval, automobile, and pedestrian checkpoints located in the territory of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region.
Rules and conditions of getting E-visa
Check up if your country is included in the list 53 foreign States  allowed to enter Russia with E-visa
Check up the pedestrian checkpoints you can use to enter Russia with E-visa.
Fill-in an E-visa online application form and get your visa within 4-5 calendar days.
Attention, please! Fill-in an application according to your foreign pass and other official documents. If there is any difference between E-visa and your pass, f.ex., you would be stopped at the Customs and the entering Russia could be forbidden.
Attention! By E-visa you can enter Russia if you visit only Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region. If your trip covers the cities from different regions of Russia, f.ex. Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, you have to get standart visa through Russian Embassy. Among the documents for getting standart visa you will need visa support voucher - fill-in the application visa support form below.
Standart procedure of getting visa is also made if your country isn't in the list of States allowed for entering with E-visa.

Visa support for standart visa procedure

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